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Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a cheaper and convenient alternative to traditional telephone connections. Rather than moving voice traffic over the phone company’s copper wires, VoIP works over the Internet for reliable and efficient transmission. Because the infrastructure cost is lower, VoIP companies are able to offer better rates—and as a result, the entire telecom industry has been changed forever.

Though VoIP has been around for many years, it is only recently that there has been a major thrust in promotion and usage of this alternative. VoIP is a technology that provides all the diverse features and quality of conventional landline telephony, but at significantly reduced rates (and often with far more features). Both home and business users are now increasingly switching over to VoIP service.

If you wish to use VoIP, you need to sign up with a service provider. With the increasing popularity of the service, there are thousands of providers available, and most provide an excellent set of value-added services at extremely low rates. For other services like video calls or calling to landlines, there is an extra charge, but these extra services still remain quite affordable and within reach of even the smallest businesses. There is usually a monthly subscription levied but VoIP service is much cheaper then the normal telephone service and also provides many additional features.

What we offer
At VoipServiceProviders.com, we are committed to giving you all the necessary information and details of VoIP service and providers, to help you make the right choice and save money in the process. Your selection of a VoIP service provider is crucial. Since VoIP is still relatively new there are hundreds of unknown startups, many of which have excellent service menus, but have not yet established a reputation. We’re here to help you get a better understanding of what these providers (both new and established) have to offer; help you compare costs; and help you decide exactly what services you need.

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We give you complete information including plan summary, tariff, set-up fees and other details of the different VoIP service providers in an user-friendly and simple format. You can compare the services provided at a glance, and easily review costs. There are two separate sections, one for Business VoIP services and another for Residential VoIP services and both give comprehensive information about the major service providers. You can also visit the websites of the service providers through direct links on our site.

Company Reviews
Apart from the comparison charts for residential and business VoIP services, we also provide exhaustive reviews of all the service providers. These reviews are based on certain parameters, that include sound quality, reliability, features, price and customer service. A star rating is given for each of these and an overall rating is arrived at based on the level of the other parameters. These company reviews provide additional input that help you form your opinion and decide which VoIP service provider you will ultimately select to provide you a home or business connection.

Our Commitment
At VoipServiceProviders.com, we are committed to giving you a platform where you can gather information and comprehensive details about the different VoIP service providers. We have extensive experience in the telecom and VoIP industries and are well-equipped to give you the relevant aspects that you should be aware of when you decide to opt for this valuable service.