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If you’re considering making the move to VoIP technology for your business phone needs, Aptela may well be the perfect provider for you.  They are among the leading providers of business-class phone services, and it’s easy to see why.  First, they provide easy ways for today’s highly mobile businessperson to remain in constant contact with the office and with clients who may be just down the street or all the way around the world.  Second, their business phone solutions are designed to be easily extended so you can be sure that your system can grow to keep pace with your company.


Products and Features

Aptela recognizes that no two businesses are alike, and so they aren’t going to make you squeeze into a one-size-fits-all phone service.  They offer different hosted VoIP service plans that are designed to meet the needs of different kinds of businesses, and each service plan is not only available at several different tiers of service but is also fully customizable to meet your unique needs.  Aptela’s Business VoIP gives you a full service business phone system complete with over 70 high-end calling features.  In fact, they even have on-staff voice talent to record your auto attendant messages.  And depending on your calling needs and your budget, you can get into the plan with a low cost price per minute contract or range up to an unlimited calling contract.  But we’re most impressed by Aptela’s Mobile Plan.  This plan includes all of the features of the Business VoIP plan, but it’s designed specifically to serve the needs of your on-the-go and wide-spread workforce.  The plan not only lets you unify your home, office, and remote employees with a single toll-free or local phone number, but it also takes advantage of virtual PBX technology to let you redirect calls, voice mail, and faxes from your company’s main number to your mobile phone.


Reliability and Performance

Aptela meets and exceeds the high standards of performance and reliability that your business demands by using top of the line technology run out of a state of the art data center.  Aptela’s primary data center uses carrier-grade servers supported by multiple redundant power sources and HVAC.  Their core network uses Cisco 7600 series routers and 6900 series switches and all voice and data entering and exiting the network is dynamically monitored in real time to ensure optimal routing across multiple Tier 1 and Tier 2 carriers.  What this means is that with Aptela you never need to worry about your phone system being unavailable because of a system problem or Internet outage.

Sound and Equipment Quality

Aptela’s certified and tested hardware—available for lease with your contract—features the latest HD voice technology so you can count on unparalleled sound quality and clarity.  In fact, your telephone sound quality will probably be better than what you’ve been getting with your existing phone system.  An independent survey conducted by Savatar reported that 83 percent of companies reported better quality of service and reliability with VoIP than with traditional land-line phone service. 

Customer Service and Support

You need to concentrate on your business, not setting up and running your phone system.  Aptela knows this and so they provide you the kind of professional support and service that a business needs.  An Aptela specialist will help you select the hardware you need, guide you through the start-up process, and make sure that your system meets your needs.  You’ll also get excellent customer training with free webinars in which an Aptela instructor will get you up to speed on account basics, show you how your equipment works, and provide you with tips and techniques for getting the most out of your Aptela service.  And, of course, you can always get email help or talk with an in-house customer support person should the need arise.

Overall Value

We give Aptela a 5 star rating for top-of-the-line business service.  Whether you run your own small business or represent a larger company, you’ll find it easy to customize an Aptela calling plan that is ideal for your needs.  And you can count on unsurpassed performance, reliability, and genuinely hands on customer support.  You can find a lower cost provider, but you probably can’t find a better provider.

Aptela Customer Reviews
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Our phones are literally our business so when sales reps can’t answer calls we simply cease to exist as a business. Aptela was affordable and loaded with features that helped us easily transition from our old PBX.

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Huge issues getting straight answers from anyone at Aptela Support and Aptela has had major service outage issues that have yet to be resolved in addition to ‘quirky’ system issues that are also unresolved. We’ve been trying to get some kind of explanation for the issues we’ve been having with Aptela for over 1 month, submitted multiple tickets through Aptela’s website (which by the way is a horrible method when nobody responds with a resolution to your tickets). The worst functionality problem with Aptela is sporadically when you pick up the handset, the call won’t connect even after pressing ‘1’ as the call screener instructs (happens on all our phones and is not a hardware issue). Numerous service outage emails from the CEO of the company, and nothing has improved despite Aptela saying it has. Finally, decided to jump ship after trying to work with Aptela for over 5 months.

Our business has experienced a high-level of frustration and large degree of productivity loss with the call reliability issues of the Aptela system (calls ring and ring even when we try to answer the call sporadically they won’t connect). Aptela ignored the issue, never responded to our several tickets we submitted related to the problem, so we canceled service with them. They cut half of the final bill, but realistically they should have refunded our last 3 months of service and the router we purchased from them. If for some strange reason you decide to use Aptela don’t buy any of the hardware. You can by VoIP phones and the Edgewater Networks router they say you need MUCH cheaper somewhere else online. But really, there are plenty of other VoIP services that are much more reliable. We chose Aptela because the user interface was friendly and the functionality was just what we needed. BUT, WHAT WE LEARNED WAS–the user interface and the great functionality means diddly-squat if the service and call reliability doesn’t hold up. Don’t let Aptela tell you they fixed they’re call reliability issues–odds are they have not. Tell them you’d like to try their service FREE for at least 1 month first, then you’ll go from there. But honestly, Aptela is a really bad choice for a VoIP provider.

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