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With thousands of customers worldwide, RingCentral is an industry leader in providing hosted PBX phone services.  All of RingCentral’s systems and services are designed with the needs of small businesses in mind.  Their mission is to give your small business the professional phone service and functionality enjoyed by Fortune 500 companies but on a small business budget.  Today’s small business is mobile; you and your employees are always on the go, and your employees may be down the hall, across town, or across the country.  RingCentral understands this, and they can provide you with mobile and remote access to your central phone system that will allow you to stay in touch with your business and connect with team members regardless of location.

Products and Features

RingCentral offers three service packages designed for small business offices and two mobile service packages.  The office packages are built to accommodate different office sizes—from sole proprietor up through ten or more team members.  All of the plans give you unlimited calling within the U.S. and Canada as well as 1000 toll-free minutes/month, and they all include a full suite of business-ready calling features that will give your small business the sound, and the capabilities, of a much larger operation.  For example, you’ll get an auto-receptionist feature, multiple extensions, virtual departments, dial-by-name capability, advanced call forwarding capability, call queues, music on hold, and a lot more.  Getting a traditional phone system with these kinds of capabilities would probably involves purchasing a lot of hardware, several days of installation hassles, and it would certainly cost a small fortune.  But with RingCentral’s hosted PBX service you don’t have any of these hassles.  It’s pretty much a matter of setting up a few configurations through your account control panel and plugging in the phones.  Even so, with RingCentral you’ll also have an account advisor who will walk you through the set-up process free of charge.  RingCentral’s mobile plans allow for  full integration of your office and mobile phone service, so you’ll not only be able to get calls to your business routed to your cell phone but you’ll also be able to enjoy RingCentral’s calling features from your mobile phone.


Reliability and Performance

Business phone service has to be 100% reliable and some people worry that getting phone service over the Internet won’t be.  After all, there are crashes on the Internet and sites do sometimes go down for a while.  With RingCentral you can put these worries behind you.  Their hosted PBX phone services are run out of state of the art data centers that use top-tier servers, switches, and routers, and are connected to the Internet through redundant paths.  So even if there is a problem with some part of the network, your service will not be interrupted.  

Sound and Equipment Quality

Your RingCentral system includes a softphone that allows you to use your computer itself as a phone but the sound quality in doing so is not very good.  It’s comparable to a shaky cell-phone connection and so good enough for a casual call but not good enough for business.  However, when using one of the high quality Polycom or Cisco phones that you can purchase (at a reduced price) from RingCentral, sound quality is superb.

Customer Service and Support

If you have a problem with your RingCentral system, or just a question that you would like addressed, you can get all of the help you need through FAQs, online tutorials, or email or telephone support.  But RingCentral understand that customer service is more than just taking care of you when you have a problem.  That’s why you’ll get an account advisor to walk you through the set up process and why they offer help in training employees to use the system.  But you can also have RingCentral pre-configure each phone that you order with an individual employees contact information and extension.  When the phone arrives, simply plug it into an Internet connection and you’re ready to use your RingCentral system.

Overall Value

We give RingCentral a 5 star rating for excellent business class VoIP service.  They offer a very sophisticated service loaded with high-end features that is also remarkably easy to set up, manage, and use.  The service is also available at a very attractive price point—even when you include the expense of purchasing the phones that will ensure the best sound quality.

RingCentral Customer Reviews
Sound Quality55555
Customer Service44444

Originally, I sought out RingCentral for their toll free number service. Shortly thereafter our business simply expanded from a single support line and a few cell phones and we needed a phone system immediately. We went with their hosted office system and purchased a set of ip phones and couldn’t be happier. Sound quality and reliability have never been an issue. The only concern I have is that their level 1 tech support is overseas.

Sound Quality55555
Customer Service44444

Price wise for us ringcentral was a no brainer. While the feature set is obviously much higher than a standard PBX overall their a few features that were lacking that other voip providers did provide. These features were akin to bells and whistles and did not affect our day to day operations. Bottom line we are saving an amazing amount of money versus Verizon.

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