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With a good set of low-cost offerings for residential and small business users, CallCentric lets you get up and running for mere pocket change—or better yet, for free.

Products and Features

It’s a lot more common for a small business to have customers in other countries today, and a particularly useful feature of CallCentric is the ability to purchase foreign phone numbers for direct inward dial service. So if you’re a company in Chicago, but you have several customers in Sydney, Australia, you can get a Sydney phone number for just $6.95 a month.

CallCentric has four levels of phone service, starting with the free in-network VoIP system, which lets you call other CallCentric users at no charge. You can also opt for a pay-per-call system for calling anywhere in the world, or a flat-rate unlimited North America calling plan or world select plan, for unlimited calling to over 35 countries.

As a residential or SOHO service, CallCentric fits the bill nicely, with a good selection of easy management features, such as the ability to play voicemail from inside your web browser, and the ability to import phone book entries into the CallCentric system.

Reliability and Performance

CallCentric is constantly adding new features and functions, and most recently, the company increased the maximum voicemail message length to four minutes, and made call history and account statements available going back for 18 months.

Sound and Equipment Quality

You’ll find sound quality to be excellent, even for international calling, so long as you are using an adequate broadband Internet connection. You’ll need to provision your own equipment, so you’ll have to have a SIP softphone, an IP phone, or a telephone adapter to attach to your regular phone to use the service.

Customer Service and Support

CallCentric supports a wide variety of hardware devices from major vendors, so you shouldn’t have any trouble getting up and running, without having to worry about proprietary protocols and incompatibility. The company offers a thorough online support section with answers to most common problems and issues. Unfortunately, there is no phone-based support at the present time, but you can get support via email or through the online trouble ticket system.

Overall Value

CallCentric represents a good value for residential users, or for very small or home-based businesses on a tight budget. If you haven’t tried VoIP yet and just want to put your toes in the water for the first time, CallCentric would be a good place to start—sign up for a free account to give it a whirl. You’ll like what you see—and then you can move on to one of CallCentric’s paid accounts to get full calling privileges anywhere in the world.

Callcentric Customer Reviews
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Well it looks like AT&T CallVantage is dying a slow death so we chose CallCentric but noticed scrambled audio, the occasional echo, and sometimes had to pick up the handset two or three times to get a dial tone. Initially I was pretty unhappy and finally upgraded our old DSL line to Cable and so far the increased broadband has reduced but has not completely eliminated the problem. All in all I guess the price savings are worth it but might be better for a second line.

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CallCentric is a very tech friendly system. If you know VOIP, you can tweak it for excellent operation. You NEED to have stable quality internet, and then you’ll be good.

Bring your own device is fine for techs, but rookies should find a local callcentric agent to help you.

Tech support is very good, although there’s no phone support.

Pricing is very fair.

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