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VYLmedia is the new incarnation of VoIPYourLife, and they have been reborn as a one-stop-shop for all kinds of VoIP products.  They like to say: “Hang up on the phone companies high prices,” and that’s just what they let you do.  They provide high quality, feature rich, and reliable VoIP phone service that’s as easy to use as picking up the phone and dialing.  They also offer a range of plans for both residential and business clients; so whether you’re simply looking to stay in touch with friends and family or whether you’re looking to give your small business phone system the professional features that are enjoyed by Fortune 500 companies, VYLmedia has a calling plan that’s the right size, and the right price, for you.

Products and Features

VYLmedia offers several products to business customers that many VoIP providers don’t.  For example, you can get SIP Peering services that allow an unlimited number of simultaneous calls (although VYLmedia monitors this service to make sure that it isn’t being used with auto-dialers or other forms of outbound telemarketing) and you can even use VYLmedia for service to good old fashioned POTS lines that can be connected directly to your existing broadband router.  But the bread and butter of VYLmedia’s business service is their hosted PBX packages.  These packages are available at three service tiers, and at any level they will turn your phone system into a value add rather than simply a necessity.  You can keep your existing number, you’ll get unlimited calling in the U.S. and Canada, and you’ll get a full suite of “big business” features like hold queues, music on hold, call transferring, three way conferencing, find me/follow me, and more.  On the residential service side, VYLmedia offers three different calling plans.  If your outbound call volume is low, you can opt for Premier Basic that will give you a feature rich phone system with voicemail, caller ID, call waiting, speed dial, and even wake up calls for less than 50 cents/day.  But for about a dollar/day you can sign up for Premier Global and get all of these same calling features as well as unlimited calls to over 30 countries.  This is a terrific option if you’ve got friends or family overseas.


Reliability and Performance

VYLmedia has been at the business of providing VoIP services long enough to know what their doing.  You won’t have any problems with their products which are all well designed, easy to use, and glitch free.  And VYLmedia partners with top-tier data centers that use industry standard servers, switches, and routers and that are connected to the Internet through multiple sources.  So you don’t need to worry that your phone system will be unavailable because of a server crash or service interruption on the Internet.

Sound and Equipment Quality

With VYLmedia you don’t need to install any special software or purchase any special hardware or phones.  Your service contract will allow you a no-charge rental of a high end Linksys SPA2102 telephone adapter that will allow you to use your existing phone with your VoIP service.  VYLmedia customers report that they enjoy excellent sound quality with their new phone systems—as good as, or even better than, with their old land-line service.


Customer Service and Support

VULmedia’s products and service are very easy to install and use—they’re about as easy as “plug-and-play”—so you aren’t likely to need a lot of customer service or support.  But if you do, you can count on the highest level of professional service whether you’ve signed up for the lowest priced residential plan or you’re a top-level business client.  Support is available by phone, email, or through VYLmedia’s monitored user forum.  Customer service is available by phone during regular business hours, and technical support is available 24/7.

Overall Value

We give VYLmedia a 4 star rating for range of service options and over-all quality.  Their services for small business are strong and certainly worthy of consideration.  But we’re most enthusiastic about their easy to use and low cost residential calling plans.  VYLmedia puts excellent phone service within reach of anyone with a high speed internet connection.  With VYLmedia you really can “hang up” on the phone company once and for all.

VYL Media Customer Reviews
Sound Quality55555
Customer Service55555

Excellent US based customer service which was a far cry from past experience with Vonage and of course my old landline from AT&T. Spoke with a few friends that work from home now after they escaped the 9-5 and suggested VYL Media as an option. One took my advice and is now using it as his sole business line.

Sound Quality33333
Customer Service11111

VYL has gone downhill fast and I finally gave up. May as well flip a coin as to whether or not a call will go through. Tech support and customer service were wonderful a couple of years ago but no longer.

Sound Quality11111
Customer Service11111

I signed up when they were VOIPyourlife, and originally everything was very good. But there have been numerous problems for quite some time now: not being able to connect with either no ring tone at all or a fast busy signal, or the other person not being able to hear me, static in line, voice quality so abysmal that even a half-decent conversation is not possible, and the list goes on. I have written and phoned in complaints so often, my file should be a yard thick by now.

I have noticed a pattern, in that the problems seem to be prominent in approximately 2 months cycles. We are in the midst of a non-performing cycle right now. I am experiencing massive problems. So reliability is a major issue. If you read other reviews, that seems to be a serious problem with this provider.

I have been with them for 3 years now. They started out very strong, I used to be full of praise. However, for more than 1 year now there have been nothing but problems. In addition to the above there have been dropped calls, and many of the features not working as supposed to, ie the do-not-distrub putting overseas calls through in the middle of the night when calls are supposed to routed to voicemail, voicemail not working, blocked numbers going through anyways, the find-me-follow-me not putting calls through to my cell phone, which means missed calls when I need them, and the list goes on. I have their support number on speed dial! How pathetic is that. And it gets used way too often. The responses are always all sort of excuses. It is not for the lack of trying on their end, but it means nothing to me if they try and it does NOT produce the desired results. Don’t try, instead do! And if something seems to be fixed, sure enough a couple of months later the same problem either appears again, or a new problem does.

Enough is enough. I am so frustrated. I’ve urgently needed to reach someone in Germany for the last two days – I can hear them, they cannot hear me. What good is a phone service if it cannot even provide very basic communication. No reliability. Their tech support confirmed that they are currently experiencing issues with calling Germany and that it will take 24-48 hours for this to be resolved. Well, that does not help me now. Plus they do not stay on top of these things when they should. Their basic service, I am on their Premier Global Plan, should not be kept up to snuff by way of their customer complaints.

I got an answer today from one of their call center managers. Their answer is to disconnect my service by March 10th! It is now February 24th. It takes on average 10-14 days for my numbers to be ported over to a new service, so I basically have to find a new service today if I don’t want to end up without a phone. I am in Canada, so I have to find someone who can operate here. But never mind that – VYL Media does NOT get to decide when to discontinue my service. The answer is to provide service that works. The answer is not to just cut off the ones that voice their discontent about the constant problems and lack of reliability. If it works, there is nothing better. If it does not, which is far too often, it has absolutely no value, but it causes so much aggravation that I am beyond frustration. And now that answer as the cherry on top! What a rediculous bunch of people. Here is a solution: provide the service how you offer it. Otherwise it is false advertising and misleading to your customers and in this day and age where everyone and their dog relies on communication devices, you cause a lot of harm when the service is not working. Before the Germany issue started, I had the same problem with a local call. What if the other party cannot hear me during a 911 call?

As of right now I do not recommend VYL Media, formerly VOIPyourlife, due to massive reliability issues.

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